Weight Distribution 800

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  • Suit standard 50mm tow bar receivers
  • Round bar-style spring bars allow extra clearance from A-Frame when turning.
  • Snap up chain brackets and lift handle accessory.
  • Quick-adjust head featuring a course tooth adjustment washer allowing for up to 6 tilt positions,
  • Strong cast head featuring double-sided friction sway compatibility.

Our weight distribution systems are designed to distribute weight overall axles, levelling the towing vehicle's ride and trailer for increased stability, control, and economy.

They help reduce trailer sway and excessive tyre wear by returning the towing vehicle's natural balance. Also, they restore the towing vehicles braking efficiency, headlight alignment and suspension geometry for a smooth and enjoyable towing experience.

The solid steel shank is fully reversible, so it is easy to obtain your required height.

The kit comes complete with solid steel shank, ball mount head, instructions etc. See parts picture

A WDS transfers the weight from the rear of the vehicle to two places: front wheels of towing vehicle and tyres of trailer being towed.

Note: please check dimensions of hitch shank to make sure the sizes are suitable for your tow vehicle and caravan ball heights.

Maximum capacity: 800 Lbs

Suits tongue weight between 501lbs to 800lbs (227.25kg - 365kg)

Suits trailer weights (gross) under 8000lbs (3.6T)

A simple installation instruction manual comes in the box to give you an easy time installing it.

maximum height adjustment: 8" (203.2mm)

Raised ball platform for greater coupler clearance

Dual sway control platform

shank length: 10"(254mm)

24 months warranty is provided for any non-external situation

Powder-coated finish & steel ball

Complies with Australian Standard AS 4177.1:2004


1 - Shank assembly

1 - Head assembly

2 - Spring bar retainer

2 - Spring bar set

1 - Lift handle

2 - Chain lift bracket

2 - Hex Bolt

1 - Reducer Bushing

1 - Lock Pin

3 - Hair Pin

2 - Locknut

1 - Pin

7 - Hardened Washer

2 - Tow Balls

1 - Sway Control


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