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Electronic Digital Safe Box 8.5L for Home & Office

Introducing our revolutionary Electronic Digital Security Safebox, a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed to ensure the utmost security. The only true peace of mind for your treasured possessions.

With unparalleled craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Our safe is the epitome of reliability, making it the perfect choice for both home and office environments.

Impeccably constructed using a robust powder-coated steel frame, fortified with a thick door and sturdy sides. Our Digital Safe leaves no room for compromise when it comes to safeguarding your valuable items. Locked away under the utmost protection, your belongings remain out of reach and secure from any potential threat.

The cornerstone of our safe's fortified defense lies in its tamper-proof concealed hinges and twin-bolt locking mechanism. These exceptional features thwart any unauthorized access attempts, ensuring your peace of mind throughout.

Emphasizing convenience and access, our Digital Safe boasts a versatile two-way access system. Enabling you to enter using the intuitive digital keypad or the provided emergency key when required. Experience seamless access without compromising on security.

Our safe has a soft carpet inside to protect delicate items like jewelry, cash, and important documents. It's scratch-resistant and keeps your valuables safe.

Experience the confidence of knowing that a nurturing environment shelters your cherished possessions.

Elevating the bar for security, our safe allows you to customize the access code with settings ranging from 3 to 8 digits.

This personalization not only adds an additional layer of security but also ensures an access code uniquely tailored to you, enhancing the safe's overall integrity.

To further elevate security measures, our safe features an automatic alarm system triggered by three continuous incorrect entries. This proactive security feature acts as an alert, deterring any potential intruders and guaranteeing your belongings' safety.

Practicality meets innovation with the LED indicator light, allowing for quick and effortless identification of the safe's current status. This intuitive feature grants you real-time information at your fingertips, minimizing any uncertainties and streamlining your experience.

Flexibility and adaptability are at the core of our safe's design. Thanks to its pre-drilled holes, you have the freedom to decide between using the safe as a freestanding unit or mounting it securely on the wall. Embrace the convenience and customization that our safe effortlessly provides.

Aspire to the heights of modern security with the exceptional features of our Digital Safe:

  • A solid steel frame boasts a durable powder coating, guaranteeing the long-lasting preservation of your valuable possessions.
  • The concealed hinges remain tamper-proof, ensuring a strong barrier against unauthorized access.
  • A user-friendly digital keypad, complemented by a 2-bolt key lock, constitutes the pinnacle of optimal safety.
  • The access code can be customized with 3 to 8 digits, making a strong and unique combination for the safe's security.
  • If you enter the wrong code three times in a row, the alarm will go off and keep you safe.
  • A plush interior carpet lining offers a sanctuary for your items, protecting them from unsightly scratches and potential damage.
  • Benefit from the added assurance of 2 emergency keys, further enhancing the safe's security for those unexpected situations.
  • Choose how to use it: freestanding or wall-mounted with pre-drilled holes. Enjoy versatility and convenience.

Here are some key features at a glance:

  • Solid steel frame with durable powder coating for long-lasting protection
  • Tamper-proof concealed hinges to thwart unauthorized access
  • User-friendly digital keypad with a 2-bolt key lock for optimal safety
  • Customizable access code for heightened security
  • Automatic alarm activation after three continuous incorrect entries
  • Interior carpet lining to protect your precious items
  • Comes with 2 emergency keys for added peace of mind
  • Pre-drilled holes for flexible installation – freestanding or wall-mounted


  1. Material: Steel
  2. External Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm x 25cm
  3. Internal Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 24cm
  4. Door Thickness: 4mm
  5. Housing Thickness: 2mm
  6. Color: Black

Immerse yourself in a world of security, trust, and seamless accessibility with our Electronic Digital Safe Security Box. Experience true serenity knowing that your treasured possessions are safeguarded by the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Allow us to redefine the concept of safety, one innovation at a time. Invest in your peace of mind today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
really love this

Durable & with quality products

Impressive quality 100%

Impressed with its quality and design + it arrived in perfect condition and fast delivery

security assured

i'm excited to receive this item and it didn't disappoint me. The packaging ensured it arrived without a scratch. I can finally secure my valuable things with this safe

double up its security

The customizable access code and alarm system are perfect security features.

Safety and style combo

This box not only provides excellent security but also adds style to my office. I like its solid steel frame with its powder coating. 100% happy with it!

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