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The 3M mobile scaffold allows you to make a safe working platform up to 2m in 10 minutes. The pack is lightweight (Quality Aluminium) and compact enough to fit in most vehicles, allowing the user to be more efficient when moving to and from the job site.

Ideal for domestic and commercial, outdoor and indoor uses. Suitable for painting, warehouse picking, small home repairs, and shops.

The quality and design of our mobile scaffold tower meet Australian standards. Our strict quality control procedures ensure it is completely safe to use, durable, and strong.


- Compact design, perfect for indoor use and tight access
- Unique platform channel lock system allows for less bracing
- Fast set-up


Total Scaffold Height: 2.835m
Platform Height: 2.2m
Wheel Size: 5 Inch
Platform Material: Aluminium & Laminated Plywood


4 - 5" Adjustable Caster Wheel
2 - Row Frame (730 x 1680mm)
1 - Platform with Hatch (610 x 1450mm)
4 - Yellow Hook (Horizontal) Brace (1450)
2 - Guard Rail

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