Safe 118L

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  • Fireproof rating - 1 Hour at 1200˚F
  • Digital lock with override keys
  • Digital + key lock
  • Removable wheels for easy transport
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Smoke seal
  • Lined interior
  • Separately lockable drawer

Protect your treasured belongings and documents with the Electronic Digital Safe from Trade Hero! This password-protected safe is ideal for home or business and is extra-large so that you can securely store your cash, jewelry, documents, passports, and more! 

The safe also comes with Main, Override, and Drawer box keys so that you can always retrieve your belongings when needed. Rest easy, knowing that your valuable assets are protected.

 It also has a Wrong Code Alarm system where if 3 consecutive codes are inputted, it will alarm in 60 seconds and the system would lockout. On the other hand, if under sleep mode, the safe would give an alarm when shaking.

Please Note: This is a Digital + Key Locking system (better security); which means for you to open the safe's door, you need to input the code and use the main key at all times (it won't open if you only input the code or use the main key alone. If the keypad has no battery or the code has been lost/forgotten (can change the code according to instruction again), the override key is used plus the main key.

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